Boomerang Adventures is without doubt the leading provider of expeditions for the Duke of Edinburgh Award.


The Duke of Edinburgh Award began in the United Kingdom back in the 1950's. Since then it has grown and become an internationally recognised award. The award is based around the development of four main areas: Skill, Physical Recreation, Expedition or Adventurous Journey, and Community Service. It is designed to help students develop-self esteem, independence, leadership and meaning through challenge and perseverance. As such, it has become a popular and meaningful part of many schools' co-curricular program.

Boomerang Adventures is without doubt the leading provider of expeditions for the Duke of Edinburgh Award. We pride ourselves on providing a great experience for students, where we see them grow, develop, laugh and smile. We value the benefits that students gain from time spent productively in the bush. We value the importance of individual differences, and aim to make each student feel a special sense of achievement and satisfaction.

We offer expeditions at all three levels of the award: Bronze, Silver and Gold. We can also provide a comprehensive, six hour training program prior to expeditions, if schools need assistance in this area.

We offer a range of expeditions in different areas around Sydney, The Blue Mountains, Bungonia, The Budawangs, The Central Coast and Kosciuszko.

As well as the normal expeditions we also offer students the opportunity to be part of a trip of a lifetime on one of our specialised Gold adventures to places like Central Australia, Cairns, Tasmania, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea (Kokoda Track).

We also specialise in designing expeditions that are tailored to your needs, in an area you would like to explore. Included in the expedition price is a comprehensive training and planning afternoon prior to your upcoming adventure. This session will be conducted at your school.

We think this is a great award for students to strive for. We really love the part we play in providing fun-filled expeditions. Most of all, we love seeing the growth and development of students that are involved in the award over all three levels.


Our Outback Adventure is an adventure like no other.

new zealand

Only a stone's throw across ‘the ditch’ there is a wonderland for the hiking and adventure enthusiast.


One of our favourite and most popular Gold adventures is the world- renowned Overland Track.


Boomerang Adventures is the only company specialising in treks for students along the Kokoda Track.

great barrier reef

The Great Barrier Reef is an area that is well-renowned, and a place that is visited by millions of people each year. Boomerang Adventures has another great adventure visiting this wonderful destination.