Here at Boomerang Adventures, our staff members are both passionate and dedicated.

Staff Profiles

Here at Boomerang Adventures, our staff members are both passionate and dedicated. As part of the Boomerang Adventures team, all of our staff work collectively to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all our clients. The relationship formed between our staff and clients is seen as pivotal, thus setting us apart from other outdoor adventure companies. Staff members at Boomerang Adventures are enthusiastic about both the outdoors, and our client’s wellbeing. The result of this is an all-round enjoyable experience for all who are involved in our adventures.

Ian Rockwell 

Ian Rockwell

Rocky is the Owner and Director of Boomerang Adventures. He completed a Bachelor of Social Science in Physical Education and Outdoor Recreation, and then a Graduate Diploma of Education. After teaching PD/H/PE for 11 years, he realised his passion was in the outdoors. Taking students out of the classroom and teaching them in a different environment brought him great satisfaction. As a result of this, he left teaching and began Boomerang Adventures. He now spends all his time seeing students grow and learn in different contexts.

One of Rocky's real passions is the outback. He loves taking people of all ages out there to show them around. He is also very passionate about providing a great experience for all those who come away with Boomerang Adventures.



Lisa has been the Office Manager at Boomerang Adventures since the beginning of 2014. Lisa has a Bachelor in Business and in her spare time enjoys the outdoors and travelling. 



Jesse is the Operations Manager at Boomerang Adventures and has always had a love for life. He has been working in the outdoor education industry since 2011. Since then he has led many adventures all over Australia; from directing school camps, canoeing across rivers, hiking over mountains and through the red sands of the Australian Outback. His passion to inspire and motivate growth in young individuals’ minds, bodies and spirit’s has been his driving force since the beginning. For Jesse this isn’t just a job, but a lifestyle and knowing the positive impact he and the Boomer team have on everyone they meet is one of the greatest rewards. 

Daniel Rice

Daniel Rice

Dan has been with Boomerang Adventures for nearly 6 years. Dan thoroughly enjoys working in the outdoors and has a passion for teaching kids the skills associated with this. Outdoor education has been a big part of Dan’s life for the past 6 years and he is looking forward too many more years of it to come. Dan is fun, easy going, and is looking forward to working with you in the future!



Josh started working with Boomerang Adventures in 2013 as a trainee and completed his traineeship in 2015. He now is employed as one of our amazing contract staff!

Boomerang Adventures and Outdoor Education have both become a major part of Josh's life. Being able to share this passion with Boomerang's clients has been an extremely rewarding and positive experience. He values the opportunity to be apart of, and contribute to the personal development of students. When Josh isn't working at Boomerang he enjoys slack-lining, snowboarding and watching the Roosters win on the weekend. 

Josh is also undergoing an Undergraduate Degree in Secondary Education so he can continue to work with students when he his slightly older but much more frail.



Graham’s passion for the outdoors was sparked whilst hiking in the Blue Mountains before the age of ten. Since then Graham has spent over twenty-five years in the Army and fifteen years studying Martial Arts, dedicating his career to training and teaching others. He enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience, hiking and camping with the youth of today – the next generation of nature’s ambassadors.

Presently, Graham is completing his Cert. IV in Outdoor Recreation. Specialising in navigation, canoeing and abseiling.

For Graham, the outdoors is his playground. Let him show you what adventure awaits on your next trip with Boomerang Adventures. 



Technically Simone has been with Boomerang Adventures since she was 12!

The Boomerang leaders facilitated all of Simone’s school camp adventures from year 7 all the way through to year 11, amongst that she competed her Duke of Edinburgh Award and now is proud to say that she is a Boomerang leader herself. She has always been passionate about stretching people and helping them unlock their full potential. Her only wish is to provide young adults the opportunity to learn and grow in the same way she has through outdoor education.









Josh is currently in his final year of high school and has aspirations of becoming a member of the full-time crew at Boomerang Adventures next year. Josh helps out in the shed after school, helping us prep for upcoming camps and expeditions.

Josh is always looking for ways to improve his outdoor knowledge/skills and new ways of apply them in real life situations – Teaching within the classroom is not the only way to learn. He is currently completing his Gold Duke of Ed and in his spare time enjoys MTB Biking, Skiing, rock climbing and caving. 



Thomas is currently in his 3rd year of university at UTS, study a double degree majoring in Product Design. He has completed his Gold Duke of Ed - completing his qualifying hike on the Milford Track in New Zealand and as a student went to Vietnam on one of Boomerangs community service trips. In his spare time Thomas enjoys the outdoors and physical exercise. Thomas helps out on the odd camp, but mainly looks after the IT and online side of Boomerangs business. 

Boomerang Adventures will also employ casual staff from time to time. Most of our casual staff are regulars with us and fit in as part of our team. Having a great team allows us to deliver the best possible program for our clients and it is something right at the heart of what we do and the way we do it.