Boomerang Adventures has worked hard to fulfil the requirements necessary to gain a commercial operators licence on the Kokoda Track.

The Kokoda Track Authority (KTA) has introduced 'Commercial Operations Licences' (COL) for any business being conducted along the Kokoda Track Corridor. Currently, the COL only applies to Kokoda Track Tour Operators.

Trek permits are the only legal way in which trekkers can walk the Kokoda Track. These permits can only be purchased by Licensed Tour Operators.

The purpose of the Kokoda Track licence system is to set minimum standards in the Kokoda tourism industry, covering requirements such as tour operator training and communication equipment and maximum pack weights for porters.

The purpose of the licences is to provide: 

  • An enhanced experience for trekkers
  • Increased certainty for tour operators
  • Compliance with PNG laws and regulations
  • Respect for local culture and land owners
  • Environmental sustainability
  • A safer environment
  • Fairness to workers

The Commercial Operations Licence works in conjunction with the Kokoda Code of Conduct . This code was released by the KTA and Kokoda trek operators in July 2009 to set guidelines on operating standards for tour operations along the Track.

As part of the application process it is necessary to form a partnership with a local business operator. I am very pleased to say that Boomerang Adventures has teamed up with Waigai Balau from Kulcha Treks and Tours. This relationship means that we will be getting the best insight into life along the track, as well as history related to the track. We will only use local guides and porters who have grown up along the track.