Don’t miss the opportunity to take in the whole experience of the Kokoda track; the war history, the physical, mental, and emotional challenge, and the culture. Come away with us for the full experience.

The Kokoda Track is a special place for Boomerang Adventures, and we want you to get the full experience of this if you decide to tackle this adventure. I believe that we are the only company that can offer you a full and comprehensive experience.

We certainly look at all the war history, and visit the important sites along the track; but where Boomerang Adventures stands out is in the opening of the cultural side of the track. We like you to get to know the people along the track; you will find no other registered operator along the track that can do this the way we do. In our home village Launumu (Efogi 2), we spend two nights, which gives us a day to be with the people. Spend the day in the village, visit the school, or go out into the farm to experience what life is really like along the track. See how the people live day-to-day and experience traditional meals and genuine hospitality. I don’t want people to miss this part of the track. Come and join us on this amazing challenge and adventure.

We run small groups (12 max), so there is real opportunity for interaction between trekkers and guides and the people of the villages. If you have a larger single group, we would look into this; but for our general expeditions, this small group size allows us to get this real experience from the Trek. It also allows us as facilitators to look after you personally in any way you may need.

Obviously you will compare us with other companies before making your decision to Trek. This is something we obviously encourage. Remember, our price is fully inclusive; everything is organised for you. If you have a group of people who you would like to Trek with, we will come to you to run an information evening so you can make an informed decision about a company to use.

Again, if you have a group of people we are flexible with dates. If you have a date you would like to travel that falls outside our regular trips, please let us know and we will accommodate you in that way.

I truly believe that we can show you this place in a way that no one else can. Please feel free to contact us for further information, or to book your Trek with us.