Imagine your students participating in meaningful community projects, and immersed in another culture.


Boomerang Adventures runs programs in both Vietnam and Cambodia. These programs are designed to be real. They are not a token tasks or a feel good event. They are real experiences, where students will be in amongst a community. They will live there, eat there, and participate fully in a genuine project that makes a difference in people's lives. It is this real experience that we create for students that enables them to get so much out of an adventure like this.

When students are building a house for a family, the family is around. Students see the house the family is presently living in; they see the joy on the faces of the family as they hand over the building. They see they have made a difference in the lives of these people.

Likewise, when we visit an orphanage, you can see the smiles on the faces of the children we interact with. You can tell their day is better because our group has been there to share the day with them. This, again, gives students this real experience; this genuine feeling of making a difference.

I can’t encourage you enough to explore this option for your students. They will be changed because of it. Comments we receive from parents on return are about the impact this experience has had on their child, and the changes they have seen in who they are.

We would love the opportunity to come and talk to you about these exciting programs. Please feel free to look at the pictures in the gallery to see the exciting things your students could be involved with in this area.